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La Crescenta Solar Power Batteries

Are you looking for industry-grade La Crescenta solar power batteries? You can’t go wrong with Los Angeles Solar Company, a trusted solar battery vendor!

La Crescenta Solar Power Batteries solar power batteries 300x191Solar power batteries have been an increasingly popular investment and a necessity for many California households. This is no mystery because homeowners in the state pay the highest amount of electricity rates. It also helps that the government is planning to source half of all electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2030. Today, to get any item from the renewable energy industry is as much of a trend as it is a smart decision.

If you want to start with solar batteries, you’ve come to the right place. They are amazing investments that can provide a steady supply of electricity during times of emergencies or high utility rates. They can accept and release both grid and off-grid energy. They are clean, light, and low-maintenance. And you can find the best units with Los Angeles Solar Company by your side!

Get a quality-assured solar power battery today from clean energy experts you can trust, Los Angeles Solar Company.

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The Basics of Solar Batteries

A solar battery, also called solar power storage, is built primarily to store solar energy so it can be used at later, more appropriate times. From solar panels or the electricity grid comes the energy that these batteries use to, with the help of an inverter, power your devices and appliances. They are also called deep cycle batteries because they have a relatively high capacity to charge and discharge large amounts of electricity compared to other battery types.

La Crescenta Solar Power Batteries solar equip t 1With solar power storage, you can maximize the electricity that comes from your solar panels as they take excess energy that you don’t currently need. You can then use this stored energy to supply your electronic devices and appliances with power during an outage, during the night when solar panels are not as efficient, or during periods when grid electricity has become too expensive.

Here are the other advantages that solar batteries have to offer:

  • They make you eligible for tax credits.
  • Unlike gas-based generators, they don’t make a lot of noise while being used.
  • They do not require a lot of maintenance that gas generators demand.
  • Makes camping, fishing, or any remote-location activity much more fun with a steady electricity source.
  • They are environmentally friendly and further lessen your carbon footprint.

Choosing the Right Solar Power Battery

There are many types of solar power batteries, each further having its own variations. Of course, each type provides a set of pros and cons depending on your needs and how you intend to use the solar battery.

  1. Lead-acid batteries – These batteries are the classic version of most battery types, including solar power. They have two types: the flooded acid battery, which requires a lot of maintenance due to its composition of a special kind of sulfuric acid solution, and sealed acid battery, which requires less maintenance but will also last shorter than its flooded counterpart. Lead-acid batteries have been a very reliable type for the longest time in the electronics industry because they are efficient, affordable, recyclable, and easy to dispose of.
  2. Lithium-ion batteries – This battery type is more expensive than the former because of good reasons. They can last longer and have a bigger capacity that allows them to hold more energy. They also have a known tendency to catch fire due to their chemical composition. But with experts by your side, you don’t have to worry about this at all.
  3. Flow batteries – These ones last the longest–about 30 years. They need very little maintenance and have a characteristic called a hundred percent depth of discharge. This means that you can use up all the energy stored in them without causing any sort of damage to the battery itself. Their main disadvantage, aside from being expensive, is that they have a smaller capacity to hold energy. It is best to buy them in their larger versions to make them as efficient as possible.
  4. Nickel-cadmium batteries – This type of battery is most used in large-scale solar power systems and storage solutions primarily because of their top-notch durability compared to other battery types. They are maintenance-free and can stay strong even in extreme temperatures. The main and vital disadvantage of a nickel-cadmium battery, however, is that it is toxic.

Which battery would be the best one? It largely depends on you, the user. Many factors come into play when picking the best solar power storage. As long-time experts in the field, we can easily help you with that.

We can begin by assessing the kind of appliances and equipment you want to power in your house. Will you need to provide large amounts of electricity for heavy-duty electronics like pumps and laundry systems? Or you’d rather want to be able to have small amenities like lights and lamps up and running for as long as possible? If you want the former, you need a battery that has a high power rating, like lithium-ion batteries. If the time spent is what you prioritize and you don’t need to power up heavy toys, you can go for flow batteries.

Other considerations include the longevity of the battery, how much you are willing to do maintenance work, what kind of activities you will need a solar battery for, and of course, your budget.

It can be a difficult task to pick which battery type will work best for you. You may even forget to consider certain aspects of your lifestyle or activities that will definitely be important factors for the battery that you will use. But don’t worry, Los Angeles Solar Company’s team of solar power experts is here to help you out. Just give us a call and tell us what you need. We’ll offer you the best recommendations we have. We can even help you think about the important considerations you may forget to include.

Elite Solar Power Experts

We are confident to say that you can get the best solar energy storage solutions you need at Los Angeles Solar Company. From solar batteries and inverters to generators and entire solar power systems installed in residential units, we can provide you with everything that you may need from the solar energy industry.

La Crescenta Solar Power Batteries solar equipment 1stpic 300x200With over two decades of experience in photovoltaic products and solar power system installations, we know we have what it takes to bring only the best products and services to our clients. We are passionate about our work, and the more than 1,000 fully working solar power systems that we have installed in people’s homes and businesses throughout the years can attest to that. You can trust the countless satisfied customers that we’ve served.

If you need a solar battery supplier that you can trust, you will be in good hands. Aside from being a business, we are also advocates of spreading clean energy to as many people as possible. And because solar energy technology is not the cheapest one out there, we know the struggle of having to canvass various products and suppliers to find the best deal. At Los Angeles Solar Company, we guarantee that we will offer you nothing more than the lowest prices the industry can offer. This is because we work directly with wholesalers, allowing us to give the best market prices of solar power batteries, generators, panels, and other products to our clients.

From heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries that can power up several of your appliances to highly durable flow batteries that you can use for up to three decades, you can get any of these La Crescenta solar power batteries at their peak condition only at Los Angeles Solar Company.

Get a Solar Power System!

Solar batteries will get you to a better place, a better carbon footprint, and better possibilities for your activities and emergencies. If you want, Los Angeles Solar Company can also provide everything needed to bring your solar power equipment to the next level. Just give us a call, and we will install a fully working solar power system in your building, home, or office.

La Crescenta Solar Power Batteries choosing solar for business 300x200While it is legal for residents of the state to install their own solar power systems, it may take a lot of necessary technical knowledge to do so, let alone prove to the authorities that you are knowledgeable about the task. With the entire package of logistical, legal, scientific, engineering, and financial considerations that are involved in setting up a full solar power system in a property, it pays to have the backing of experts doing this job for you.

With us, you can first guarantee that we will provide you with excellent, high-quality solar power products as well as the needed services to install them on your roof. We also make it a mission that our clients understand the system and be in the know on all the technical information needed to handle the solar equipment well.

We do free site inspections, and we can provide you with a project proposal, complete with the units we think would be best for your property, a budget breakdown, and a mockup blueprint of the engineering design. Once you greenlight us, our engineers, installers, and project managers will handle everything from start to finish. All the paperwork and coordination that need to be done with local authorities can also be handled by our team. At any time during the process, feel free to always ask your inquiries away. Our experts will be there to provide you with advice and recommendations on how to properly maintain and use your solar power system.

Free Consultation on Solar Energy

La Crescenta Solar Power Batteries eco energy logo 300x194Solar power upgrades are not the cheapest tech out there. However, they provide optimum benefits for your property and environment. So we assure you that investing in Los Angeles Solar Company’s La Crescenta solar power batteries will be the best option you can take if you’re interested in clean energy.

Just give us a call and tell us what you need. Our experts will be right there, ready to accommodate all your questions.

Call Los Angeles Solar Company today at (818) 918-3691 for your Free Consultation with a La Crescenta Solar Power Battery expert!