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Los Angeles Solar Power Company

Los Angeles Solar Power Company 75B27DDF 8805 4B27 9435 B416CD4E34E8 300x225Los Angeles is one of the country’s largest cities and home to many citizens experiencing unstable electricity or no electricity at all. It also has the most expensive electricity fee in the country, making it unaffordable for many in the city. Fortunately, Los Angeles has an ace up its sleeve to help with this electricity problem, and it is through solar power.

Solar power is not hard to come by in the city because of its geographic location, and the government is active in promoting its use. From incentives, and rebates to financial options, anyone who wishes to switch to solar power can find the right setup, incentive, and financial option no matter where the solar power system will be installed. While there are solar panels and systems available in the market for DIY installations, you would get more benefits from your solar power system if it is installed by an experienced Los Angeles solar power company like Los Angeles Solar Company with 25+ years of leadership in the industry.

When we receive your request, we will provide you with an honest assessment of your property to determine what is the best solar power setup for it, what financial incentives are available, and get it installed on your property at an affordable price. We guarantee that you will get a lot of savings from your solar power system for a long time. 

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The Popularity of Solar Power in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Solar Power Company solar com tLos Angeles is considered one of the most influential cities that paved the way for solar power installation in the country. The city’s Department of Water and Power and Department of Energy, the Southern California Edison, and the California Energy Commission designed Solar One, a special program launched in 1981 that first tested a large-scale thermal solar tower plant in the country. It is also the home to the world’s largest photovoltaic manufacturing facility, built in 1979, and today, it has one of the most active solar power initiatives and incentives offered to citizens who would install solar power in their homes or businesses.  

There are many factors that led to the popularity of solar power in California, Los Angeles in particular. Increasing electricity prices is cited as a major reason by many citizens as their reason for switching to solar energy. Others also said that the incentives and rebates available for people who turned to solar power, offer huge returns in the long run. It also opened the opportunity for areas with poor or no electricity in the city to have stable electricity through solar power. Experts expect that solar power use will continue to increase throughout the city in the coming years as the prices for solar panels continue to drop the more people install them in their properties.


Solar Incentives Available for Residential and Commercial Property in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Solar Power Company solar ins tResidents of Los Angeles are eligible for several incentives and rebates if they switch and install a solar panel system on their property. The state also has several rebate programs to make it appealing for many to try out solar power.

Some of the incentives or rebates available for residents and commercial property owners who will get solar power systems for their properties include: 

  1. Los Angeles Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) – As part of the state of California, Los Angeles aims to assist in the effort to adopt solar energy under the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. Under the RPS, utility companies will pay high fees for not creating renewable energy, which is why they offer benefits to anyone who converts to solar energy systems. 
  2. Tax Credits – While the state no longer has a state tax credit for solar power system use, Los Angeles citizens can avail of the Federal solar tax credit, which is around 26-30% off your taxes. 
  3. Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)/ Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) – This is a special loan option that enables property owners to finance their qualified solar energy projects through their property tax. 
  4. Property Tax Exclusions – Under Section 73 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code, properties can qualify for a property tax exclusion if they have specific solar installations. 
  5. Investment Tax Credit – This federal tax credit provides additional savings for solar installations, which are computed based on the system they will install and their current tax liability. 
  6. Net Metering/Net Energy Metering (NEM) – Net metering opens credit options for customers who create more energy with their solar power system and give it to utility companies. Bill credit will be given to participating citizens, and its amount depends on when you installed your solar energy system. 

An experienced solar power company like Los Angeles Solar Company can guide you through these incentives and help you apply to them. We will also show you what you can expect to gain from these incentives or rebates depending on the solar power system installed on your property. 

Solar Financing Options for Los Angeles

Los Angeles Solar Power Company solar financing options s 300x219Many people often scoff at switching to solar power because they believe that it is very expensive to purchase and install. Their reasoning is valid as solar panel systems can indeed reach up to $25,000 to match the property’s needs. Fortunately, there are several financing options available if you partner with Los Angeles Solar Company to help you make the switch without paying a lot of money. 

Three of the most popular solar financing options include: 

  • Solar loan – Many financial institutions offer solar loans because of their growing popularity. The loan amount will allow users to purchase the solar panel system they have selected, and like other loans, you will need to pay an installment as you pay for your loans monthly. Since you will own the solar energy system, you can apply for incentives and tax credits, unlike solar leasing. 
  • Solar PPA – Depending on your situation, this option involves a partnership with a solar power provider to install a solar panel system on the property. The solar panel system is not yours but with the company or your landlord, disabling you from getting tax rebates and credits. On the other hand, you will be able to enjoy cheap energy rates. 

Los Angeles Solar Company works with two of the most reputable financing companies, Mosaic and Synchrony, and between them we can offer more than 60 different financing options.

When you reach out to us, we will assess your property and financial situation to recommend the right type of financing option that is suited for you. We also do not ask you to pay a down payment before we work on your request and even help you with applications! 

Why Should You Hire a Professional Solar Power Company

If you are ready to make the switch, it is important that you partner with a trusted Los Angeles solar power company that can make the solar power installation smoother and help you maintain it. While it is okay to do it yourself, a professional solar power contractor will make things easier when they handle your project. 

Here are the other reasons why you should consider getting a professional solar power company: 

1. Safety

Solar panels are often installed on rooftops, which will require you to climb up and down ladders with solar panels, racks, and heavy equipment. If you are not used to this activity yourself, you may end up causing harm to yourself and others as you carry the equipment up to your rooftop. Further harm can even occur if you are unable to install the panels securely in their racks or have them connected to your power supply. 

With a solar power contractor, you don’t have to worry about injuries and poor installation worries. They are trained to handle solar power installations and have the right equipment needed to make it safe for everyone. It is also required under the law to have a professional solar company or electrician connect new solar energy systems to a property’s power lines. 

2. Warranty

Regardless of the solar panels you will need for your property, they all come with lengthy warranties. However, it is quite easy to void these warranties if you accidentally break them during self-installation. Some manufacturers also have specific policies that they will only honor warranties if the panels were installed by a professional solar energy provider. 

3. Training

Aside from being trained to handle any solar panel installation, professional solar energy providers or contractors can also provide users with additional training. 

4. Increased Property Value

Finally, having a professional solar power company come in to install your new solar power system can help boost your property’s value. If the installation is well-done, appraisers will take note of it in their quotation and help make your property appealing to prospective buyers. 

Want to invest in a professional solar power contractor that you can trust for your solar power conversion? Los Angeles Solar Company is the best Los Angeles solar power company that can mobilize immediately to get your request underway without costing you a lot of money in the process. 

Tried and Tested Los Angeles Solar Power Provider

Whether it is a residential property you want to convert to solar power or a commercial property, our Los Angeles solar power company is equipped to make the process more efficient and stress-free. 

We understand that every location requires different solar energy systems, and each client has its own energy requirements and budget. With this in mind, it is always our goal to personalize our services and provide you with an honest evaluation of how solar power can be added to your property. We will also speak directly to warehouse suppliers to get the highest quality solar panels for your property without going over your budget. We can also help you apply for financing programs, and we don’t even ask for a downpayment to get started on your request. 

Los Angeles Solar Company will be with you in every step of the project so that you know what to expect once the project is underway. Aside from making a visit to your property to determine what kind of solar energy system is suited for it and speaking to suppliers, we will also handle the engineering, layout, installation, and even the paperwork needed to connect the system to your utility provider. You can also trust us to also help you apply for financial incentives to add to your savings and help you manage your solar panels, so they last for a long time. 

Free Consultation Today 

Los Angeles Solar Power Company eco energy logo 300x194Solar power will continue to be an appealing power source for Los Angeles citizens as the technology continues to improve and electricity prices soar to prices no longer affordable for many.

If you want to try out solar power for your residential or commercial property, we are the solar power contractor that you can reach out to to get your property fitted with its very own solar energy system. Once it is active, the savings you will acquire can help you with other expenses and increase the value of your home. Learn more about our services through our hotline, and we will provide you with a free and honest consultation to help you get a clear idea of how the installation process works and the incentives you are qualified to receive.

Call Los Angeles Solar Company today at (818) 918-3691 for your Free Consultation with a Los Angeles Solar Power specialist!