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La Canada Flintridge Residential Solar Power

La Canada Flintridge Residential Solar Power solar res tCalifornia is one of the sunniest places in the United States. In La Canada Flintridge, residential solar energy systems for homes are slowly becoming affordable, and even the government is offering huge incentives for anyone making the switch to solar energy. If you are also considering getting solar power for your home, Los Angeles Solar Company can help.

Switching to a residential solar energy system requires a talented installation team to handle the installation process. Los Angeles Solar Company offers a full solar installation service for all types of residential homes regardless of their size and location. Our team will be available to explain the entire process to you, as well as provide honest feedback and recommendations as to how solar energy can be maximized further in your home. If you are on a budget, we offer various financing options and even sign you up for financial incentives from the government.

Once you reach out to us, we will visit your home to see how our La Canada Flintridge residential solar power experts will sort out the solar installation in your home and the appropriate permits. We will make sure that you are also educated in the process on the do’s and don’ts of utilizing solar energy for your home, as well as how to maintain it. We have 25+ years of experience in offering solar power so we can guarantee that your investment will be well-spent on our service and bring you hefty returns in the long run.

Call Los Angeles Solar Company today at (818) 918-3691 for your Free Consultation with a La Canada Flintridge Residential Solar Power expert!

Why Switch to Solar for Your Residential Property?

La Canada Flintridge Residential Solar Power why switch to solar s 300x200Out of all the alternative energies pushed forward by the government as an effort to reduce electricity prices, none is more popular than solar energy. Although it was originally expensive, many are now switching to solar power across the country because of its benefits, and here they are below for your consideration:

– Cost savings

One of the major reasons why people are now transferring to solar is because of the financial savings that it can bring to the household. If it is installed correctly and fits the household, it can reduce the monthly electric bills without a lot of risks.

– Boosts Home Value

Solar panels are now considered as an upgrade to a property similar to a renovated kitchen or modernized bathroom. Nowadays, people purchasing new homes are after properties with solar panels because of electricity costs. As a result, if you plan to sell your home in the future and you have a solar energy system at home already installed, you can expect a high premium.

– No power interruptions

California experiences some of the US’s best solar resources, making it ideal for homes across the state to use solar power at any given time. Even if there is a power outage in the rest of the city, it will not be a problem if you have solar power installed in your home.

– Environment Friendly

Finally, residential solar power reduces your contribution to CO2 emissions, which causes global warming. It can also reduce water consumption as some electric systems are connected to water lines.

Los Angeles Solar Company can show you all the benefits you will gain from converting to residential solar power. We will also explain to you the terms surrounding solar power and the conversion process.

Things to Know Before Switching or Converting to Solar

If you are convinced about switching to solar power for your residential property, you need to start doing your research because of the intricacies of converting it into solar power. It is not as simple as buying a solar panel and getting it installed in your electricity lines. You will need to know the type of household you have, the amount of electricity you use, and many others.

Here is a short guide on what you need to know before you can convert or switch to solar power for your home:

  1. Solar energy systems for homes – There is a wide variety of solar technology available to generate electricity, and the most common types are monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film. Each of them has its own pros and cons and comes with an inverter system that converts solar energy into electricity. It is crucial to know which is the best solar technology and inverter system for your home in order to determine how efficient it should be to cover your needs.
  2. Energy use – Each household differs in the amount of energy they use each day. Before converting to solar power, you will need to know your household’s monthly energy consumption and how much will be taken from solar energy. While looking at the average energy use, it is also recommended to determine when energy is used the most, morning, afternoon, or night.
  3. Financial incentives – Wherever you live in La Canada Flintridge, you are qualified for numerous financial incentives when you switch to solar power for your home. Some of these incentives include the Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) or the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO), the Property Tax Exclusion for Solar Energy Systems, the Investment Tax Credit, and the Net Energy Metering.
  4. Installation location – Solar panels need to be placed in an area that is directly exposed to sunlight. If that is not plausible, the solar panels must be tilted to get the sunlight needed for electricity.
  5. Battery or generator – Solar power can be stored in batteries so that it can be used in the evenings. However, batteries can be very expensive depending on the type of battery that will be used, and there is an environmental concern when it comes to long-term battery use.
  6. Installer – If you want the solar conversion to be a success, you need to partner with a talented and experienced solar power installer who can do it perfectly for you. They must be able to handle every aspect of the conversion process, including paperwork.

If you find everything overwhelming, not a problem! Our La Canada Flintridge residential solar power service at Los Angeles Solar Company can make the entire process stress-free. Once you reach out to us, you will be guided by one of our experts from start to finish and help you get financing if needed.

Types of Residential Solar Power Technologies

As mentioned above, there are a wide variety of residential solar power systems available for homes that you will need to know first before proceeding to your solar power conversion. Whichever option and brand you select, each solar panel must consider factors such as the property’s needs, the performance standards or quality required by its owner, and others.

Currently, there are three major types of solar panel technologies that are often used for residential properties, and they are as follows:

  • Monocrystalline

Known as the most developed and oldest form of solar panel technology, monocrystalline solar panels use high-grade molten silicon to create a single crystal known as “monocrystalline.” The crystal is then cut into wafers that will comprise the solar panels.

Because it uses high-quality silicon, it has a uniform look compared to other types of solar panels on the market. It also has the highest efficiency rating in terms of performance and space, making it ideal for long-term use and areas with warm weather conditions. However, it is very pricey and will require constant maintenance.

  • Polycrystalline

Polycrystalline solar panels are known for their distinct bluish hue, which stands out when sunlight bounces off the silicon fragments in the panels. It is created by melting raw silicon and poured into a mold to create the solar wafer. Thanks to how it is made, this solar panel is cheaper, and it maximizes the use of silicon.

Unfortunately, since the silicon used for these polycrystalline solar panels is not made from pure silicon, they do have a reduced efficiency range of 13% to 16%. It is also prone to damage due to temperature rises and harsh weather conditions. This solar panel technology also requires a larger space to generate the right amount of energy needed for the property. It is also not the ideal solar panel to pick if you are after aesthetics as well.

  • Thin-film

Thin-film solar cells (TFSCs) are made from several PV materials such as cadmium, copper, and silicon. As its name suggests, it is thinner than its counterparts, making it easy to produce. It can also be used in various applications, as well as in different weather conditions.

However, it does have a low average operating efficiency of 9%, which is the lowest out of all three types. As a result, it will require a lot of space to cover all the energy needed by the property. Replacement is also done regularly because of the thin film in the solar panels.

If you wish to know which of these three major solar energy systems for homes fit your residence, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our La Canada Flintridge residential solar power experts. They will make an honest assessment of your property to determine the right solar power technology that fits its needs and get the installation process done in no time.

Dedicated Full-Service Solar Power Company in La Canada Flintridge

With years of experience and countless successful installations done, Los Angeles Solar Company is one of the best La Canada Flintridge solar power companies you can reach out to if you want to get into solar power.

Our company offers affordable rates for its service and personalizes solar solutions for each client. Clients will be assigned to one of our residential solar power experts, who will provide an honest consultation to reduce costs on parts and services. We will take the heavy lifting by working with a wholesaler to provide the equipment needed for the conversion and haggle for an affordable price. We can also handle the installation for you, but if you wish to get more savings, you have the option to install everything yourself with our team guiding you.

You can also trust us to handle all the paperwork necessary to get your solar panels installed in your home without problems. If you are on a budget, no problem! We offer various financing options to help ease the payments.

Free Consultation Today

La Canada Flintridge Residential Solar Power eco energy logo 300x194With the increasing costs of regular electricity, utilizing solar power to power up a home is becoming more appealing than ever. If you want to get started in converting your residence to utilize solar power, reach out to Los Angeles Solar Company today!

Our team will give you an honest assessment with regard to how your home can be solar-powered without spending a lot of money on the equipment and service. All your requests will also be considered by our team, and you can trust us to be with you every step of the way, allowing you to maximize the benefits of your new solar-powered home for a long time and remove the stress that comes with installing solar panels in your home. Once everything is set, you will definitely see the difference in your electric bill!

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